Love, Sex, and Awakening: An Erotic Journey from Tantra to Spiritual Ecstasy

A true virtuoso of Tantra and a brilliant star in the universe of erotic delights, bestselling author Margot Anand has led a life of sexual ecstasy and spiritual bliss. This book recounts her fascinating adventures and provides techniques and exercises to help you connect to the spiritual potential of sex and cultivate a deeper, more fulfilling love life.

One of the first teachers to bring Tantra to the West, Margot has explored the connection between sex, body, mind, and spirit with gurus around the world, including Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, Osho, and many more. Love, Sex, and Awakening shares her amazing stories and explores the answers to profound questions: What is Tantra? What does a woman need to realize her multi-orgasmic nature? What does it mean for a man to be a Tantric lover? What is awakening?

>>Click here to listen to an interview with Margot on Relationship Alive! with Neil Sattin.

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The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

This landmark book on human sexuality makes the sacred lovemaking techniques of the East fully comprehensible to Western readers. Elegantly illustrated, it helps the reader acquire new life-affirming, sex-positive attitudes, broaden his or her range of experience, revitalize and strengthen relationships, heal and prolong orgasmic potential all the way to the deep experience of sexual bliss. This book is a treasure.

“The most comprehensive and clearly written work on contemporary Tantric sex. An exceptionally detailed program for both the beginner and the advanced practitioner.” —Herbert A. Otto, author of Total Sex

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The Art of Sexual Magic

An advanced course in erotic enchantment and the magic of extended orgasm from Margot Anand. The Art of Sexual Magic takes the power of sexuality beyond mere lovemaking by showing readers how to generate and focus intense sexual energy and to use it as fuel for realizing personal and spiritual goals.

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Sexual Ecstasy Art of Orgasm

Sexual Ecstasy: The Art of Orgasm

In Sexual Ecstasy, Margot Anand offers a magnificently illustrated, concise, and step-by-step guide to giving magical orgasms to your partner, male or female. Sexual Ecstasy will:

  • Bring fresh awareness to sexually sensitive areas and new ways of caressing these areas.
  • Open the way for ecstatic states of orgasm.
  • Help reveal and dissolve psychological and emotional blocks inhibiting the flow of orgasmic energy.
  • Enhance communication between love partners, deepening their sense of intimacy.
  • Teach you, the woman, how to take responsibility for your sexual well-being.
  • Teach you, the man, how to bring a woman to orgasmic ecstasy.
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The Art of Everyday Ecstasy

In this book, Margot Anand expands our definition of ecstasy and shows how we can harness its energy to help us live, work, and love more passionately, joyfully, and with true spiritual focus.

“I recommend The Art of Everyday Ecstasy to anyone who wants to realize their ecstatic potential for living a life in which the spirit and everyday experience are intricately interwoven. With her usual energy, wit, and insight, Margot Anand shows us how to make life a daily celebration of the sacred.” —Deepak Chopra

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New Art of Sexual Ecstasy

The New Art of Sexual Ecstasy: Following the Path of Sacred Sexuality

New edition of the best-selling guide to transforming sexuality and orgasm through sacred ritual and ancient techniques. The New Art of Sexual Ecstasy opens the way to a new stage of fulfillment and bliss, making the sacred lovemaking techniques of the East available to Western readers and extending sensual experience for everyone. This landmark book on human sexuality provides simple techniques that help readers to discover new sexual experiences, combining physical pleasure with intense emotional and spiritual joy. Includes a wide range of practical ways to enhance sexual pleasure and deepen intimacy, including massage, visualisation, breathing, ritual, movement and fantasy. The sexual secrets outlined in this book include: / how to prolong pleasure / how to extend orgasms so it becomes a whole body experience / how to recover sexual sensation / how to have a multiple orgasm — for men and women / how to increase arousal and extend the sexual experience. Also included are many innovative sexual positions for versatility and compatibility. The emphasis in the book is on transforming sexuality beyond the merely physical, making it a truly spiritual experience. This book is ideal for anyone looking to bring spirituality back into sex, using it to bring the body and soul into union to discover a whole new experience.

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The Sexual Ecstasy Workbook

A concise, illustrated workbook and a concrete and practical initiation into SkyDancing Tantra. An introduction to Tantric lovemaking, The Sexual Ecstasy Workbook presents a user-friendly, step-by-step method for connecting more deeply with one’s ecstatic potential, erotic goals, and ability to appreciate one’s self and one’s partner. The Sexual Ecstasy Workbook is the perfect practical guide for the countless lovers who complain that sexual harmony is so easily broken and that love, rather than being pure bliss, is more like walking through a minefield—where at any moment a false move can turn off enthusiasm and snuff out all chances for orgasmic satisfaction.

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Love Sex Awakening

Love, Sex & Awakening (Bulgarian edition)

Margot’s life story freshly released in 2016. Coming soon in English!

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SkyDancing Tantra

SkyDancing Tantra: A Call To Bliss (CD)

These six sensuous compositions offer a path of personal evolution and growth focused on the connection between sexuality and spirituality. They relax the body, open the heart and bring the mind into clear focus. When this integration has taken place, the listener is ready for a new sexual experience in which physical pleasure becomes a delight of the heart and an ecstasy of the spirit. When practiced with a partner, Tantra has for centuries been shown to contribute to a healthy, loving relationship. In these compositions: Margot Anand sings and channels sounds through her voice, that can open the lover’s energy centers and offer a great preparation for love. Recommended listening while you relax in each other’s arms.

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Sexual Magic Meditations

Sexual Magic Meditations (Audio Cassette)

Cultivating Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life

On Sexual Magic Meditations, you will learn how to safely and creatively explore this sacred side of your sexuality, and how to bridge sexual union with an inner source of wisdom and power. Four step-by-step meditations for lovers show you both how to control and channel sexual energies, heal painful memories, and heighten awareness through many specific techniques, including breath control, practices for focusing your inner energies, and guided visualization exercises.

“Anand is one of the most eloquent and intelligent teachers of how to approach sex in ways that can be healing.” —Dean Ornish, M.D.

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Everyday Ecstasy CD

Music of Everyday Ecstasy (CD / MP3)

Music for passion, spirit and joy by the author of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy, Margot Anand.

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