June 15, 2016 Margot

Is There Hope for the World? John Perkins Says “Yes”

“I’m full of hope,” this is how my friend and author of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, John Perkins, kicked off an interview he gave me in Costa Rica. What followed was an inspiring and passionate call to action; a plea to make corporations accountable and for the entire business world to be responsive to the people’s needs.

john-perkins-and-friend-e1330352884994While John admits that corporations are “calling the shots,” He believes that the old business paradigm is becoming extinct. “We’ve entered a new world now and it has to be sustainable,” he predicted.

And John told me that it’s the innovative business leaders who will adapt to a new model of alternative infrastructure, energy, banking and food that can prosper and create a “sustainable just, peaceful world and a world that’s thriving for all sentient beings.”

When it comes to you and me, John says it’s up to us to be responsible; to democratize the marketplace by supporting those businesses that “want to do the right thing.” According to John, we the people can decide en masse what to buy or not to buy and from who based on how socially responsible the makers of the products show themselves to be.

And it doesn’t stop there, John says we have to write letters with our criticisms when these companies fail to serve the people, and write letters of praise when they get it right.

I felt completely empowered afterwards, reflecting over how I as a conscious consumer can help support this new model of doing business, which can actually improve the quality of life rather than devastate it.

“That is the future! And businessmen have to recognize that; and we as consumers need to recognize that and only support businesses that are committed to doing that…support the ones that are committed and that are trying.”

John is also visiting with business students and executives and reminding them to do the right thing:

“If you want to be true leaders in this field, if you want to go down in history, if you want your kids and grandchildren to know who you were, you’re going to want to mold this communications system into one that really addresses human issues.”

Thank you John, for giving us a fresh perspective on making business the people’s ally! To learn more, read about his latest book, “Hoodwinked”

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